Got a quick question for you. After learning a standing BHS, what do you think should be the next logical step?

Double BHS? Walk over BHS?

Really think about the answer for a second.

Got it? Good, because the next step shouldn’t be a skill at all… it should be perfection. Progressing too quickly is a sure-fire way of enforcing bad technique and risking injury.


If you are looking for Gymnastics Gold Coast or Cheerleading Gold Coast then read on.

Currumbin Gymnastics & Cheer has been operating in Currumbin since 2003. We offer Gymnastics and Cheerleading classes for all ages all the way from babies to adults!

Not only are our classes fun and enjoyable, you learn amazing skills along the way! An understanding of how to do basic rolls, jumps, cartwheels, and balance is just the beginning!

Never been to us before? No problem because we offer a trial period for new families, that provides an opportunity to ‘pay as you go’ for the first two weeks, to see if it’s the right class for you.

So what are you waiting for? Come along and join the fun!

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1000 genuine likes on facebook 🐾

1000 genuine likes on facebook 🐾

31 Jan 2016 7:00 AM

So excited today’s article in the Gold Coast Bulletin coincides with 1000 genuine likes on facebook🐾 ! Congratulations Nicole Doyle for being the 1000th like on Currumbin Cheer Facebook page🎀 I will contact you to invite you to two FREE complimentary lessons at Currumbin Cheer classes of your choice!

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AACSF Nationals 2015 is here!

AACSF Nationals 2015 is here!

25 Nov 2015 7:00 AM

Currumbin Cheer is off to Melbourne on Friday the 28th of November to take on the cream of Australia.

We have over 80 competitors going with ages ranging from 8 through to 50!

With competitive levels ranging from level 1 to 4 we aim to bring home some trophies and add to our already amazing results. Wish us luck!

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