After the final date of tryouts, the staff will meet several times to assemble the rosters for the upcoming season. After our final meeting, we will contact each athlete (or parent) by email to let them know the results of tryouts. We hope to have this process completed by December 15th. The new teams will begin practice from the 18​th​ January 2016.

There are Flyer evaluations for athletes that wish to be considered as a Flyer for next season. Flyers will show technique, flexibility and potential. If an athlete does not attend the Flyer evaluation, this does not mean they will not be a Flyer, but attendance helps. If an athlete does attend the Flyer tryout, it does not guarantee that athlete a spot as a Flyer. We are offering three tryout sessions. Athletes are highly encouraged to attend.


To find the team that fits you best, we look at age, then tumbling, jumps and stunting. You will be placed on a team that bests suits your ability across all criteria based on where you will learn and progress the most as an athlete. We do not place people in teams based on friendships or car­pooling convenience.

Currumbin Cheer Team Selection Day application


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